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Licensed Financial Provider in St Kitts & Nevis

Welcome to Spectrum Management and Consulting Ltd (Spectrum/SMAC).

Spectrum Management & Consulting Ltd offers a wide range of specialized services to individuals, corporations and private wealth management firms globally. Our services are divided into four main areas of business, namely; Corporate Services, Captive insurance management, Citizenship by investment services and Actuarial problem solving and review services.

We provide business incorporation, registered agent and corporate management services in Nevis under the Nevis Business Corporation Laws. We can incorporate and manage Nevis LLCs, International Business Corporations (IBCs), Registered Trusts, and Multiform Foundations.

Choosing the country of Nevis offers many taxation benefits to international companies, limited partnerships and trusts; including exemptions from income tax, social security tax, capital gains tax, wealth tax, death duty and inheritance tax.

We are also a licensed firm that assists clients with applications for citizenship in the St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment programme.

The team at Spectrum is passionate in giving top-notched SERVICES to global High Net Worth Clients. We do things right by attentively examining the fine details of our Clients’ unique requests then committing our best resources to the production of the SERVICES intensely desired.

Our expert and experience coupled with optimum operational efficiency and integrity will certainly make our valued Clients comfortable and happy.

Philosophically, we encourage an innovative spirit in the international financial services industry; hence what you do not see, ask for and trust us to customize a product that will give you maximum utility.